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Bible Questions #2833-2845 Luke 1:36-80

Bible Questions #2833-2845

Luke 1: 36-80

2833. Vs. 36 The angel told Mary that her cousin _____________________ was with child now how long? ___________________

2834. Vs. 38 Is Mary willing to become pregnant with this holy child even though she is not married? _________ What does she say to the angel? ___________________


2835. Vs. 39-41 Mary went to see Elisabeth. When Elisabeth met her at the door, what happened to the baby in Elisabeth? ______________________________________


2836. Vs, 42, 43, 45 What did Elisabeth say about Mary and the baby that was already growing in Mary? _______________________________________________________




2837. Had Mary told Elisabeth what had happened? _____________ How did Elisabeth know that a baby was growing in Mary? _______________________________________


2838. Vs. 56 How long did Mary stay with Elisabeth? _________________________

2839. Vs. 59, 60 It was time for Elisabeth’s baby to be born. What did her friend think his name should be? ____________________ What did Elisabeth say his name would be? _______________________

2840. Vs. 62-64 They asked the father what his name should be. He still could not talk, so he wrote on paper. What did he write? ___________________ As soon as he wrote the baby’s name, what happened? ___________________________________________

2841. Vs. 76 The father was filled with the Holy Spirit and said that this baby would be

The _______________________________________. Vs. 77 ________________________________________________________________________

2842. Vs. 80 When the baby grew into a young man where did he go live? _____________________________ Until it was time for him to show himself as the preacher/prophet he was to be.

2843. Think about this: Mary stayed with Elisabeth about 3 months.

Mary is back home now in Nazareth.

We do not know how soon after the angel left Mary that she went to Elisabeth’s house)

but it could be that Mary is about 4 months along now. She is probably beginning to show she is pregnant.

2844. She has been gone from Nazareth for all this time. Now is she back home, and showing a little to pregnant. What do you think the people of her village are going to say? _______________________________________________________________________


Now that she is back home and people see her and they are talking Joseph is going to hear what they are saying.

2845. What do you think he will think? ______________________________________________________________________


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