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Bible Questions #2821-2832 Luke 1:21-35

Bible Questions # 2821-2832

Luke 1: 21-35

2821. Vs. 21, 22

Zacharias was so long in coming out of the room where he offered incense that the people began to worry about him. When he came out he could not _________________. The people thought he must have seen a ____________________________.

2822. After Zacharias filled his time serving at the temple, he went back to his home.

Soon his wife, named ______________________, became pregnant in her old age.

2823. Vs. 26 When Elizabeth was six months pregnant, an angel named ________________________ went to the village of ____________________________ to see a young woman who was a virgin whose name was _______________________.

2824. This young woman was engaged to a man name ________________________.

(In those days in that country and still today in some countries being engaged to a person was a legal binding agreement much like the marriage itself. Parents of the woman and man got together and made an agreement that was considered a legal agreement.)

2825. The angel spoke to May and said that she was ________________________ by the Lord. And that the _________________ was with her. She was ___________________ among women.

2826. Vs. 29 Mary was confused and had no idea what the angel meant. Vs. 30.31 The angel said she was not to be __________________ and she was favored by God.

2827. The angel said she would have a son and she was to name him _______________________.

2828. The angel said this son was to be great, he was to be called the Son of the _____________________________. The Lord would give him the throne of _____________________________.

2829. This son would rule over the house of Jacob for how long? ___________________

And his kingdom would never ____________________.

2830. Vs. 34 What did Mary ask the angel?____________________________________


2831. Vs. 35 How was this baby to start to grow in Mary?________________________


2832. He would be a “______________ thing” born of a woman and he would be called the Son of __________________________.

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