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Easy Bible Questions #92

Can You Answer These Questions? 121516

I Kings 17: 8-16

1. Elijah the preacher/prophet was hiding from the king at a small river called Cherith. But now the river has dried up because there was no rain.

So now God told Elijah to go to the town of _________________________.

2. He was to meet a ___________________. (A woman whose husband has died.)

3. He asked this woman to give him _______________ to drink and some


4. The woman said that she had only enough to make one little meal, for herself and her _____________. Then she had no more. She expected she would die after that because there was no more food.

5. Elijah told her that if she gave him some first she would still have enough left to make some for herself. Did she give to Elijah first?


6. Vs. 15. 16 Did she have enough to make more bread? ____________

How long did the food last? ___________________










1. Zarephath     2. Widow     3. Water bread     4. Son    5. Yes     6.yes many days until it rained again

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