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Bible Questions #2810-2820 Luke Chp. 1 Vs. 1-20

Bible Questions # 2810-2820

Luke 1:1-20

2810. Vs. 3 Who is Luke writing to? ________________________

2811. Vs. 2 Luke said he is writing things that were seen by ____________________.

(Some one who was there and saw it for themselves.)

2812. Vs. 3 Luke said that he also understood all these things perfectly from the __________________________.

2813. Vs. 5 Who was the king or ruler over Judea at this time_______________________ (He was the Roman appointed person to rule that area.)

(The Jews were ruled over by the Romans at that time.)

2814. Luke begins telling about things with what happened to a priest named

_______________________________ and his wife _____________________________.

2815. Vs. 7 They had a sad problem. What was it? _______________________________________________________________

2816. Vs. 13 While this priest was in the temple to do his job of burning incense

What did he see? _______________________

2817. What did he tell the priest? _______________________________________

2818. What was he to name this child? ______________________

2819. Vs. 15 This child was to be special because he was to be filled with the _____________ _______________________ from the minute he was born.

2820. Vs. 20 The priest had a hard time believing all this would happen to him and his wife. Because of him being slow to believe, he was told that he would not be able to

_____________________ until the baby was born.




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