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The Man Who would not try

The Man Who Would Not Try

By Joyce Webb 2016

There were 3 servants (men who worked for someone)/

One day the owner-master called the 3 servants to him. He told them that he was going away for awhile.

He gave each of them some gold. To one man he gave 5 bags of gold, to another he gave 2 bags of gold, and to the last one he gave 1 bag of gold.

The master had thought carefully about what each man was able to do. He knew what understanding they had. He knew what experience they had. He knew what skills they had.

So he gave each one as much gold as he thought they could use wisely and be able to get a profit from it.

He expected them to “invest” the money. Example: They were to use the money to buy supplies and materials to make something to sell, and in the end they would make money and have more money than they started with.

Or they could buy seed plant fields and when the harvest came sell it to get more money.

The master left to go away.

The men were now alone to do what the master asked them to do.

The first man with 5 bags of gold put his money to good use. And he make more money. In the end he made twice (2x) as much as he had.

The second man with 2 bags of gold also put his money to good use. He made twice as much money as he had to start with.

The third man with 1 bag of gold was a fearful man. He was afraid that if he spent the money on something it would not work out and he would lose money.

He was afraid that if he did that and the master came back the master would be angry with him.

So he decided that he would not take a chance. He would just bury the money to hide it in the ground and keep it safe.

Finally, the master came back home.

He called in his servants to ask them how they did with the money he had given them.

The first man brought 10 bags of gold to give the master. The master was very pleased that his servant was able to double his money.

He said to the servant, “You are a good and faithful servant. You will have a reward for your faithful work.”

The second servant brought 4 bags of gold to the master. The master was very pleased with him. He also was able to double his money.

The master said to him, “You are a good and faithful servant. You will have a reward for your faithful work.”

The third servant came. The master was expecting the third servant to bring what he had earned.

The third servant gave the master the 1 bag of gold that the master had given him.

The master was surprised and angry. “What ? You did not earn even a little more?”

“You earned nothing?” “Nothing?”

The servant said, “I knew you who make me give an answer-account of the money. I was afraid if I spent it and it was not successful and I lost money you would be angry. So I did not spend it. I hid it. And now, here is all your money back.”

The master was angry. He said to the third servant,” You could have at least put the money in the bank and it would have earned a little interest. But you did nothing!”

The master took the 1 bag of gold and gave it to the servant with 10 bags of gold.

Because that servant would be faithful to use the money wisely.

The Bible says: To those who are faithful they will be given more.

To those who are not faithful even what they have will be taken away,

Then the story ends sadly the third servant is taken out and is thrown into a place of darkness where there is weeping and grinding of teeth.

This story comes from Matthew 25:14-30

As Christians our master is Jesus Christ. He was here on earth but he has gone away into heaven for a time. He will be back again.

When He comes back he will call all of his servants together and see how they have done. He will expect them to have done things to bring other people into believing in Jesus and coming to heaven.

As Christians we have a responsibility to do “good works” to help others come into the kingdom of heaven.

He expects us to do what we can to teach others about Jesus to encourage them in staying true to Jesus etc.

Some people have much skill and ability in talking to others. It is easy for them to talk to people and tell them about Jesus.

Some people can go to other nations around the world and be a missionary,

Some people are good teachers. They can explain things so people can understand.

Other people help people. They give money, do things to help, they visit and encourage others. If your church gives food or clothes to the needy, you could help. If your town gives out food to the needy, you could help.

Some people can not get out and do things. Or they do not have much money. But they can pray for others.

We all have something we can do to help others know more about Jesus. We can help others in ways that encourage them to keep on following Jesus.

Some people can do a lot. Some people can not do so much. Other people can do only a very little.

But we all can do something. We need to be faithful in what ability we have.

We do not want to be the “unfaithful servant” that did nothing because we were afraid.


The last verse of Matthew 25:30 Bible teachers have different ideas about what that means.

Some think the “outer darkness” was out of the master’s party when he gave the rewards to the other servants.

Some think it was punishment.

I am not sure what it means.

But the idea of the story about the servants is be faithful to use what ability God has given to you.

Try to do what you can. Do not do “nothing” because you are afraid.

The Holy Spirit will help you do things. You do not have to do things “perfectly”. We are human and can not always do things “perfectly”.

But that is no reason to do nothing.

We do what we can. We try. And we trust that the Holy Spirit will make up what we have missed or were not able to do.

People understand kindness, and being generous even if we make mistakes.

People can see our “heart” wanting to do good.

The Holy Spirit sees us trying to do right and good and He will come along and help our “effort” be successful.

Doing nothing because we are afraid will not be accepted as an excuse.

We must try. We must use whatever ability we have in what ever ways we can to help others know about Jesus and to encourage Christians to stay true to Jesus.








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