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Bible Questions #2790-2796 Mark Chp. 15 Vs. 33-46

Bible Questions # 2790-2796

Mark 15 Vs. 33-46

2790. Vs. 33 The KJV Bible says “about the 6th hour” This was about noon.

What happened during this time of noon to 3:00 pm? ______________________


2791. Vs. 34 Jesus called out with a loud voice. What did he say? (In English)


(Bible teachers have explained this to mean: That at that moment when Jesus was bearing the sin of all the people of the world he was being counted “among the transgressors - sinners as it says in Isaiah 53:12. Jesus was not a sinner and did not sin. But at that moment he bore the sin of everyone. God turned his face away from Jesus.) This moment was the hardest for Jesus. To have His father turn his face away from him, because of the “sin”. But Jesus did it because of His great love for us.)

2792. Vs. 35-37 Some thought Jesus was calling for Elijah. The soldiers offered him

__________________________ to drink. Then Jesus gave up his spirit.

2793. Vs, 38 What happened in the Jewish temple at this time? _________________


(This was an important thing that happened. From Old Testament times until Jesus died--------only the High Priest went into the Holy of Holies small room where the Ark of the Covenant was kept. He only went in one time a year to sprinkle the blood from a sacrifice of a lamb on the Mercy Seat of the Ark.

No one else was allowed in. No one was allowed to see in. No one was allowed to touch the Ark of the Covenant.

But now with Jesus’ death the veil curtain that hid the room and ark was torn from top to bottom and hung open for all to see in and all to walk in.

This showed that anyone could now come into God’s presence himself. He did not need a priest to do it for him. Jesus’ death for sin allowed men to come into God’s presence because of Jesus’ blood sacrifice. This is why Jesus is called The Lamb of God.) 

2794. Vs, 39 A soldier has new thoughts about this man Jesus. What does he say?


2795. Vs. 43 Women and men who had followed Jesus were there at the cross. What was the man’s name who asked to take Jesus’ body down from the cross? ____________________________________________

2796. Vs. 44-46 The Passover day would soon start and Jesus’ friends wanted to have his body down from the cross before the Passover started.

So they quickly wrapped the body and put it in a rock cave like tomb. To close the opening to the tomb, they rolled a __________________ in front of the opening.


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