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Easy Bible Questions #88

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Judges Chp. 13-16

1. This woman was not able to have children. But an angel came to her and told her she was to have a son. But there were special rules he must follow.

He was not allowed to cut his hair.

He was not allowed to have strong drink.

He was not allowed to eat any foods or meat that was “unclean” by the Laws of Moses. The woman name the boy (6 letters) ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ____ Joshua 13:24

2. If he obeyed God rules. Then at times God’s spirit would move upon him and he would become very (6 letters) ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____.

3. The boy grew into a man. But he chose girlfriends that were not of the Israel’s people.

His most famous girlfriend was named (7 letters)

____ ____ ____ _____ _____ _____ _____ Judges 16:4

4. She tried 3 times to get him to tell her the secret of how he was so strong. Three times the man tricked her. The first time he told her that if she would bind him with 7

__________________ __________________ he would be weak. Judges 16:7

5. The second time he told her if she would tie him with ______________ _____________________ he would be weak. Judges 16:11

6. The third time he told her if she would weave 7 _____________ of his ____________________ in the web of the loom he would be weak. Judges 16:13

7.Finally, he told her the truth. That if she would do what? ______________ his

__________________ He would be weak. Judges 16:17

8. So she did. And he became weak because he did not obey the rules God gave him. So God did not give him His Spirit to be strong. And his enemies the _____________________________ came and took him a prisoner. Judges 16:21






1.Samson     2. Strong     3.Delilah withs KJV    or bow strings ropes

6. Of his head, or hair           7.cut or shave his hair              8. Philistines





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