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Bible Questions #2780-2789 Mark Chp. 15 Vs. 19-22

Bible Questions # 2780-2789

Mark 15 Vs. 19-32

2780. Vs. 20. After they finished mocking Jesus, they took off the ________________ robe. They led him out to be ___________________.

2781. Vs. 21 They met a man on the road. He was from Cyrene. His name was

_____________________. What did they make him do? __________________


2782. Vs. 22 They took him to a place called ________________________ and it also had another name____________________ of the _________________________.

2783. Vs.23, 24 The gave him _____________________________ but he did not take any. And they did what with his robe and clothing? ____________________________


2784. Vs. 35, 26 It was 9:00am. When the crucified him. There was a sign board above his head that said __________________________________

2785. Vs. 27 He was crucified between 2 men who were ______________________;

2786. When we are accused of doing something we did not do how do we feel?


How do you think Jesus felt to be hanging on a cross between these 2 men?


2787. Vs.29. 30 As people passed by what were they saying? _________________



2788. Vs.31 What did the chief priests say about him? ______________________


That was true. He could not save himself and still save others. He was paying the death punishment for others so they did not have to die for their sins.

2789.Vs. 32 They said if he came down from the cross they would believe in him.

Do you think they would have? _________ Think of all the miracles they saw him do, and yet they still did not believe in him.

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