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Easy Bible Questions #87

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Judges 7

1. Vs. 1 A man named Jerubbaal, also called _______________________.

2. In vs. 2 God told him that he had too many men in his army. Vs. 3 That he was to send home any one who was fearful or afraid. How many men went home?


3. How many men stayed? ________________________

4. God told him there were still too many men in his army. God told him to go to a river/ creek. Tell the men to drink. The ones who brought the water up to their mouth were the ones he was to keep. How many men did that? ________________

5. Vs. 16 They divided the men into 3 groups, gave them each a __________________ and a __________________. He had them go in 3 different places around the enemy camp.

6. Vs.20 The men stood in their place and when Gideon gave the signal. They broke the covering off of the lamp, held it high, and shouted, “_______________________


7. The enemy began to fight ________________ ______________ and Gideon’s army watched, until they were almost all killed then they ran after them. ‘

God made the enemy be confused that they killed each other. Gideon’s men did not have to do anything.









1. Gideon       2. 22,000      3. 10,000       4. 300       5.lamp with a cover and trumpet        6.The sword of the Lord and Gideon.        7.each other













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