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Bible Questions #2766-2779 Mark Chp. 15 Vs. 19-38

Bible Questions # 2766-2779

Mark 15 Vs. 19-38

2766. Vs. 19 They hit Jesus on the head with a _____________________, they _____________________ on him, they bowed their _______________________ (pretending) to worship him.

2767. After they had mocked (made fun of) him, they took off the ___________________ robe, then led him out to be ________________________.

2768. Vs. 21 They made a man by the name of _______________________, to carry his cross.

2769. They brought it to a place called _______________________ meaning “place of the _____________________”.

2770. They gave Jesus wine to drink that had been mixed with _______________ but he did not take it.

2771. Vs. 24 After they crucified Jesus they took his robes and cast lots (dice) to see who would get each one.

It was the ninth hour meaning 9:00 am when he was put on the cross.

A sign board was above his head that said: “_________________________________”

2772. Vs 27 There were how many other men crucified at the same time? _______

2773. Vs. 28 Old Testament verses said that the Messiah would be named along with sinners.

2774. Vs. 29 Some who passed by said: “You said you would destroy the temple and then build it again in 3 days. So __________________ yourself and come ___________________ from the cross.”

(The “temple” that Jesus was talking about was not the church building. Jesus was talking about his own body being a “temple”. It would be killed, but in 3 days it would be alive again.)

2775. Vs. 31 Some of the church leaders said:

“He saved ___________________ but he cannot save _______________________.”

(This was true. Jesus could not save himself from death and still pay our death punishment. If Jesus had saved himself we would have to pay our own death punishment.)

2776. At the sixth hour (noon) for 3 hours the sky became _________________.

2777. Then Jesus cried “My God why have you ________________________ me?”.

2778. Vs. 37 Then Jesus _____________. (gave up the ghost, spirit) This was 3:00 in the afternoon.

2779. Vs. 38 In the Jewish temple back in town suddenly the heavy curtain veil that hung in front of the Ark of the Covenant ripped from the _________ to the ___________________ and now everyone could see right into the Holy of Holies room and see the Ark of God.

The Ark of the Covenant was the place where God’s Holy Presence rested over.

Now God’s Holy Presence was open for all to see and to walk in an open room to be in God’s Holy Presence.

We no more need a high priest or any priest to go into God’s presences for us.

It is open for all to enter in by themselves to be in God’s presence.


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