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Easy Bible Questions #86

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Joshua Chp. 10

1.Vs. 11 God helped Joshua fight a battle. God made __________________________

so big that they killed more soldiers than the swords.

2. Vs. 12, 13 Joshua told the ___________________ to stand still. He told the _______________________ to stand still. So the ______________________ stood still for about a whole day.

3. Vs. 14 Has that ever happened before? __________ Has it ever happened again ?


4. There is another story in the Bible where a king asked for the sun to go backwards.

II Kings 20: 10, 11 The king’s name was _________________________. He asked for a sgn that God would answer his prayer. God made the shadow on the sun___________ to go backward ___________ degrees.

5. Exodus 23:28 God promised Moses that he would drive out the enemies of Israel from out of the land so Israel could live there. God said he would use ___________________ to chase the people out.


(God has many ideas things we would never think about to help his people. )










1. Hailstones      2. Sun     moon    sun      3. No     no    4.Hezekiah      dial     10      5. Hornets (bees)

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