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Bible Questions #2752-2765 Mark Chp. 15 Vs. 1-18

Bible Questions # 2752-2765

Mark 15 Vs. 1

2752. It is very early in the morning, just after the rooster crowed. The chief priests, elders, and scribes and the whole group of Jewish leaders, tied up Jesus, and took him to the Roman governor, ____________________

2753. What was the question the governor asked Jesus? ______________________


2754. What did Jesus answer? ____________________________________________

2755. The chief priests blamed Jesus for many things. What did Jesus answer?


2756. Pilate was surprised and he said to Jesus: __________________________


2757. Vs. 6 At Passover time the Roman governor would allow one of the Jewish prisoners to go free. Vs. 7 One prisoner was ________________________.

He killed people and tried to go against the Roman leaders.

2758. Vs. 9 Pilate asked if he should let ________________________ go free.

2759. Vs. 10 Pilate knew the reason they brought Jesus to him. It was because the chief priests were _____________________.

2760. Vs. 11 Pilate asked who he should let go free. They said __________________________________.

2761. Vs. 12, 13 Pilate asked them what he should do with Jesus and the Jewish leaders said _______________________________.

2762. Pilate wanted to keep the Jews happy, so he let ____________________ go free, and he had Jesus be ______________________ and taken to be __________________.

2763. The soldiers took Jesus away into another building. They called all of the soldiers together. Vs. 17 They put a ________________ robe on Jesus, and a crown of

_______________________ on his head.

2764. Vs.18 They began calling him _________________________________________

2765. They hit him on the ___________ with a stick, and _______________ on him,

And ____________________down before him like they were _________________him.

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