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Easy Bible Questions #84

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Joshua Chp. 7

1. Vs 2 The Israel army went to a town called ________. It was a small place. The Israel army expected to win easy. But the army of this town beat them and chased them away and 36 men of the Israel army were killed.

The men of the army were surprised that they lost. Joshua the leader was surprised. He prayed to God and asked why they lost. Vs. 11 God told them they lost because Israel ___________________. (Someone did not obey what God told them to do.)

2. Vs. 13 God told them you can not win until you take away _________________

thing that you have.

3. Vs. 18 A man by the name of ____________________ was guilty.

4. Vs. 21 This man took a _______________________, _____________________, and __________________________.

5. Vs. 21 He buried under his _________________.

6. Vs. 25 Because of this man did not obey, he caused 36 other men to die. So this man and all that he had was taken away. The man was _____________ to death.

(From this story we learn that our sin makes trouble for other people.)
















1. Ai        2. Sinned            3. accursed       4. Achan        5. Babylonian robe,   silver,    gold        6. Tent    7. stoned

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