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Easy Bible Questions #83

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Judges 13

1. Vs. 3 An ___________ of the ________________ came to a woman who could not have children.

2. He told her that she would have a son. He would deliver the people of Israel from their enemies---the Philistines. This son was never to drink ______________ or ____________________ ______________________. Vs. 4

3. He was not to touch any ___________________ thing. (These were things that the Jewish people told by God that were not clean.) Vs. 4

4. His ____________________ was never to be cut with a razor. Vs. 5

5. Vs. 24 They named their son _______________________.

6. We know from the stories told about him, that when the Spirit of the Lord came upon him that he became very _______________________. And he could do amazing things.
















1. Angel of the Lord         2. Wine,   strong drink       3.unclean       5.Samson       6.strong

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