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Colossians Chp. 4


                                                      By Joyce Webb 2016

Chapter 4

Vs. 1 Paul is talking to men who have servants---or maybe slaves. He tells them to do right by these workers. He tells the masters to be fair and treat them right.

He tells the masters to remember that God in heaven is the master of them.. God is watching to see how they treat their servants.

Vs. 2 Paul tells all of the believers in the church there to keep on praying for Paul and the men with him. So that God would open doors of opportunity so they can speak to more people.

Paul says that he is in “bonds” meaning hand or foot cuffs irons because he is in prison. He is in prison because of preaching about Jesus.

Vs. 5 He tells the people to walk in wisdom before people who are not believers.

He tells them to “redeem the time” this means to use the time well take the opportunity to speak to people about Jesus, salvation, heaven, being ready to go to heaven.

Vs. 6 He tells them to speak with “grace” Use words that are kind, polite, respectful.

When you talk to people about Jesus don’t be bossy, talk down to them. Don’t talk like you know it all and they must listen to you.

People need information and to know about Jesus the Bible etc.

but they have a right to think about it and make their own decision about it.

Paul says to let your words be “seasoned with salt”. So that you may know how to answer every man.

Salt in food makes the flavor of the food be better, but you do not want to taste the salt itself.

Paul is telling them to learn to use words in a way that makes hearing about Jesus and the Bible easy for them to accept and hear. Using wise words and with an attitude of giving them information not “preaching at them”.

Vs. 7 Paul tells them that when his friend Tychicus comes to see them that he will tell them how things are with Paul as he is in prison.

Vs. 8 Paul has sent this man to the believers at Colossi to give them Paul’s letter and to talk to them about the things of God. Then he will come back to Paul and tell Paul how everyone at the Colossi church is doing.

Vs. 9, 10, 11, 12. 13 Onesimus is also coming. Paul talks of other men coming.

Vs. 14 Paul talks about Luke being a doctor / physician. Luke is the one who wrote a book in the New Testament.

Vs. 16 Paul wants them to go to another city, Laodicea, and talk to them there and read Paul’s letter to them.

Vs. 17 Paul tells Archippus to remember that God has called him to be a minister and he should to do it.

Vs. 18 Paul says the greeting was written by his own hand. (Some Bible teachers think that Paul had trouble with his eyes so maybe he could not see well enough to write the whole letter and someone else wrote the main part of the letter. Paul just wrote a small part himself.)

Paul says blessings over the people of Colossi.













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