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Bible Questions #2713-2723 Mark Chp. 14 Vs.17-29

Bible Questions # 2713-2723

Mark 14 Vs. 17-29

2713. When Jesus and his disciples met together for the Passover supper, Jesus told his disciples that one of the them would ________________ him. Vs. 17

2714. Jesus said it would be the one who ________________ in the dish with him.

2715. Vs. 22 When Jesus took the bread he said this bread is like his ____________.

Then Jesus brake the bread and gave it to them. How is this “breaking of the bread” like what happened to Jesus’ body? _____________________________________


2716. Vs. 24 Jesus took the cup of wine and said this cup of wine was the

____________________ of the new testament (new covenant) and it was shed (spilled out, given) to you.

2717.When we have communion at church with the bread and the wine or grape juice- what is it a symbol or picture of? _______________________________________________________________________

2718.Vs. 25 Jesus said that he would not drink another cup of wine again

Until He drinks it new in the ____________________ of ___________________/

(Jesus is referring to the Marriage Supper of the Lamb when the Bride, the Church of Believers are in heaven with Jesus at the Supper.)

2719. Vs. 26 After they sang a _______________ they went out into the _________________ of _____________________.

2720. Jesus told the disciples You are going to be offended this night because of me. What did Jesus mean? ________________________________________________


2721. Jesus quoted an Old Testament prophecy it said I will smite (hit) the shepherd

and the sheep will be ____________________________.

2722. Vs. 28 Jesus said after he was risen he would go to what town?


2723. Vs. 29 Peter was sure about himself. He said even if others are afraid, offended, hurt---- I will ___________ be.

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