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Easy Bible Questions #82

Can You Answer These Questions? 71516

Joshua Chp. 6

1. The army of Israel was to march around the city of __________________ one time.

They were to do this for _______________ days.

2. The priests were to carry the ____________ of the ______________________.

3. On the _____________ day, they were to march around the city ___________ times.

At the end of the last time, all the people were to _____________________.

4. God would then do what? ___________________________________

5. Then the army and the people could ____________________ the city to take it over.

6. The only part of the wall that stayed up was a part that was where one woman and her family was staying. This woman’s name was ____________________. Vs.17


















1. Jericho    7          2. Ark of the Covenant          3.7th       7       shout        4.make the walls fall down flat          5.go in            6.Rahab


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