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Easy Bible Questions #81

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Joshua Chp. 3

1. Vs. 1 The people of Israel were camped at the ____________________ river. They were waiting to go across.

2. Vs. 11 The priests were to take the _____________ of the _____________________. (This was a golden box with angels on top, covered with a cloth.)

They were to lead the people.

3. Vs. 13-16 When the ____________ of the priests carrying the ark touched the water. The water rolled back. And the people crossed on the river bed.

4. Vs. 17 The priests stood still in the ______________ of the river until all the people had __________________ over.

5. If you remember, this was much like what happened when the people left Egypt and crossed the _________________sea.


















1.Jordan       2. Ark of the Covenant      3.feet         4. Midst (middle of)       crossed         5. Red

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