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Colossians Chp. 3


                                                       By Joyce Webb 2016

Chapter 3

Vs. 1 Paul tells the believers at Colossi        before you became a believer         you were dead in spirit        because of your sin         like Jesus died and went in the grave/tomb.

He rose up from the dead.       When you believed in Jesus       your spirit came alive       you have risen from the dead in your spirit.

This is true for you     the things you want      the things you live for    the things you desire and seek      should be heavenly things.

 They should be things that please Jesus who is in heaven sitting at God’s right hand.

Vs. 2 You should put your love on things above not things on this earth.

Vs. 3 Your old self is dead your life is new in Christ.

Vs. 4 Someday when Christ comes again and appears in the clouds we will be also be with Him in glory.

Vs. 5 Mortify ( put to death) those desires in you that lean toward sin.

Such things as:

fornication--which is sexual sins,

uncleanness of the spirit of any kind.

Inordinate affection---having a love for things, or persons, that is out of bounds---a love and desire for something or someone that controls you You give it more consideration and time and money it is allowed to have more importance than is right.

Sexual desire and longing that is wrong sexual longings that God does not approve of

Coveting wanting something someone else has wanting it so much you are willing to do something wrong to get it

Paul goes on to say that kind of wanting and desire for something is like worshipping an idol. You want that thing or person more than wanting to obey God and that thing or person comes first instead of God.

Vs. 6 These kind of desires against God will bring God’s anger on the person who is doing these things.

Vs. 7 In the past, you lived like that you did those things

Vs. 8 But now that you have believed in Jesus you have put away all those things. Things like:

anger--losing your temper,

rage---very angry throwing things, hurting things or someone,

Malice--being mean, getting back at someone, doing hateful mean things

Blasphemy---swearing, cursing, saying things against God

Dirty talk, dirty jokes, dirty words

Vs. 9 Do not lie to someone tell the truth be honest. As a believer you have put away those old ways of living.

Vs. 10 You have put on a new man you are a new person in Jesus. As you walk with Jesus you will learn more and more how to be more like Jesus.

Vs. 11 As believers in Christ we are all equal believers in Christ are God’s sons.

We are no longer

Jew or Greek,

circumcised or not circumcised,

civilized or not civilized --having education and manners or not

slave or free

We are all in Christ believers/sons of God and Christ in us.

Vs. 12 So put on new behavior you are chosen by God to be his Child

Be holy because you are loved by God.

Show others mercy, kindness,

be humble and not proud.

Be willing to learn and accept instruction.

Be patient with others. Be patient for a long time with them.

Forgive them. If you have an argument/fight forgive them.

Vs. 14 Have love for others. This willingness to love brings us together and brings peace and harmony.

Vs. 15 Let the peace of God rule you. Let His peace be in your heart. As part of God’s family you are to live together with others in peace.

Be thankful. Have a mind and heart that sees good things to be thankful for.

Many times a day thank God for the good things in your life. Be thankful to others for the good things they do.

Vs. 16 Let Christ’s words live in you. Be rich in wisdom that God gives.

Teach and encourage one another.

Sing songs, and hymns, and psalms.

Sing with grace in your heart to the Lord.

Vs. 17 In everything you do in everything you say do it in the name of the Lord.

Give thanks to God the Father in Jesus’ name.

Vs. 18 Wives submit come under the authority and leadership of your husband. This is pleasing to the Lord.

Vs. 19 Husbands love your wives. Do not be bitter/mean or angry against them.

Vs. 20 Children obey your parents in all things. This is pleasing to the Lord.

Vs. 21 Fathers do not be too much strict or mean or demanding or without affection and love that you make your children angry. This will make your child become discouraged. They may feel that they can not please you. Or that they can never do anything right. Or that you do not like them. This will turn their heart away from you.

Vs. 22 Servants obey your masters over you. Do not do your work just because you have to. Do not do your work just good enough to get by. But do your work with your whole heart to do a good job---thinking you are doing it for God.

(This verse is true for anyone who works for someone even if they get paid. Do your work your job as though you are doing it for God.)

Vs. 23 Whatever you do do it with you whole heart and do it unto God not unto men.

Vs 24. Remember the Lord will reward you for your work. It is Christ you are working for------not just men.

Vs. 25. Remember the person who does wrong will receive punishment for the wrong he has done. This is true for everyone.



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