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The Day a Donkey talked Numbers 22

1. Numbers 22:4 The king of Moabites was ____________________.

2. Numbers 22:,5 The king sent messengers (men) to talk to a man named ___________________________.

3. Numbers 22:6 The king wanted this man to ________________ the people of Israel.

(The king of Moab was afraid of all the people of Israel. There were so many of the people the king was afraid the people of Israel would take over his city.

So he sent for a man who was a prophet/preacher. The king wanted the prophet to say or pray a bad thing over the people. The prophet did not want to do it. The king kept asking him over and over and offered him a lot of money. Finally, the prophet said he would come, but he would only say what God told him to say.)

(God did not want the prophet to go. But the prophet went anyway. The prophet was going on his donkey when something happened.)

If you are reading a King James Version of the Bible, it uses the word “ass” for donkey. It is an old fashioned word for donkey.

4. Numbers 22:22 The __________________ of the ___________________ stood

in the ___________________.

5. Numbers 22:23 The donkey turned away and went into a ___________________.

Then the prophet hit the donkey and got him back on the road.

6. Numbers 22:25 The _______________ of the Lord, stood in the path where there was a wall. The donkey turned away in fear. And the prophet’s ____________ was pushed against the wall. This made the prophet angry. He hit the donkey.

7. Numbers 22: 26 When they were in a narrow way there was no way around the angel the donkey stopped and would not go. The prophet began to hit the donkey again. This time God opened the ________________of the donkey and he said,

“What have I done to you that you have hit me 3 times?”

8. Numbers 22:31 The Lord ________________ the ________________ of the prophet and he saw the ______________________ of the Lord standing there.


1. Balak           2. Balaam        3. Curse                  4. Angel    Lord      road/path          5. Field       6. Angel     foot        7.mouth

8. Opened eyes         angel

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