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Bible Questions #2671-2680 Mark Chp. 13 Vs. 1-13

Bible Questions # 2671-2680


Mark 13 Vs. 1-13

2671. Jesus and the disciples were at the temple. The disciples looked at the very large stones that were cut stones that made the temple. They were thinking of how much work and how many men that would have taken to cut stones like that and bring them there.

So they talked about it with Jesus. Vs. 2 Jesus said something very surprising. He said that in future days not ______________ stone would be left upon _________________________.

(That would have been hard to believe that such a thing would or could happen, But the history books tell what happened in 70 AD. The Romans came into Jerusalem and burned down buildings. When the temple was burned, the gold in the temple melted and ran down into the cracks between the stones. The Romans pushed apart the stones to get the gold. So it happened just like Jesus said.)

2672. Later the disciples asked Jesus when those things would happen.

Vs.5 Jesus said Be careful that no man ______________________ (fool) you.

2673. Vs.6 Many will come in my name and say they are the ____________________.

But do not be fooled.

2674. Vs. 7 You will hear people talking about ______________, but do not be

__________________________. These things will happen. But the end is not yet.

2675. Vs. 8 ____________________ will come against _____________________.

___________________ will come against _______________________.

There will be _________________________ in different places. There will be

___________________________ (no food). These will be the beginning of ____________________________.

2676. Vs. 9 Be careful for yourselves. You will have to stand before ___________________, ____________________________. ________________________, and ______________. You will give __________________________ against them.

2677. Vs. 10 The _____________________ must be preached among all


2678. Vs.11 When you stand before those leaders. Do not worry what you will

__________________. Because the __________________ __________________ will help you know what to say.

2679. Vs. 12 Families will be against each other. _________________ against

_________________________. Those blamed will be put to ________________.

(Jesus is saying that those who believe in Jesus and talk about Jesus will be thought of as the enemy. Even their families will turn them over to the law and government leaders. Being a Christian will be hard and you may die for it.)

2680. Vs. 13 You will be __________________ by all men for my name. But if you endure (stay true) to the _________________, you will be __________________.

(Not your body----your body may die-----but your soul will be saved for being true to Jesus and you will go to heaven.)

(In the Lessons part of this website I have a lesson about how the disciples died.

Every one but John died for preaching about Jesus. Some had an awful death.)

(But this verse is a warning for any one who is a Christian. We know that in some nations now, Christians are killed. We do not know what will happen in America some day. Things could change here, too.)

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