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Bible Questions #2660-2670 Mark Chp.12 Vs. 35-43

Bible Questions # 2660-2670


Mark 12:35-43

2660. Jesus asked the scribes How can _________________ be the ______________ of David?

2661. Jesus quoted a verse from Psalms 110:1. David spoke by inspiration of the

________________ ___________________.

2662. David called himself ________________. So how can he be his _________________ also?

(Jesus was trying to get the scribes to see that David was making a prophecy by the Holy Spirit. He was seeing into the future. He saw a great, great, great, grandson of his someday being Lord. But the Jewish leaders never believed that Jesus was Lord.

Jesus was just a man to them.)

2663. Vs. 38-40 Jesus said the Jewish leaders liked to go around in long _____________________.

2664. They loved having people notice them and speak to them in the __________________________________.

2665. They liked to have the best ___________________ in the Jewish church and at ____________________.

2666. But they were not godly, holy men. They cheated _______________________ so that they lost their homes.

2667. They made long ________________________ in public so people could see them. But Jesus said they would be damned. They were not truly godly men. In their hearts, they were far from doing God’s way.

2668. Vs. 41-44 Jesus was watching people come into the Jewish church. He watched them put their offering of money into the “treasury” box. One woman came in and she put in 2 coins called a ________________. It was probably worth about a penny in our money.

2669. Vs. 43 Jesus said that this woman gave _________________ than any one else that day.

2670. The disciples were surprised that Jesus said that. But Jesus explained. Other people gave more money in their offering, but they gave out of the _____________________________ (large amount) that they had. But the woman gave _______________ that she had.




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