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Bible Questions #2651-2659 Mark Chp. 12 Vs. 18-32

Bible Questions # 2651- 2659

Mark 12:18-32

2651 . Vs. 18 Another group of Jewish leaders came to Jesus. This group was called the ______________________________. They did not believe in the __________________________________.

2652. They told Jesus of a story of _________ (how many) brothers. They each married the same woman. Then they asked Jesus ----after the resurrection (in heaven) whose

___________________ would she be?

2653. Jesus said the reason they asked such a question was because they did not know the ____________________________________.

2654. Jesus said that in heaven there is no ______________________________.

2655. Vs. 25 People are as the ____________________ in heaven. (This does not mean that people become angels. It means regarding marriage the angels do not marry and people do not marry nor are concerned about husbands and wives.

We will recognize some one as husband or wife but the emotional ties will not be the same as they were on earth. The purpose of marriage is to create new life --babies--and provide a man and woman parents for them. There is not a need for that in heaven.)

2656. Vs. 26 27 Jesus explained That when God spoke to Moses out of the burning bush God said “I am the God of ______________________, ____________________, and ___________________ .

Abraham, Isaac and Jacob have been dead a long time. God could have said, “I was the God of…………

But he said, “I am the God of ………

God is still their God. So Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob must still be alive for God to still be their God in the present tense.

Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob bodies are buried, but they are alive in heaven. So there must be a resurrection.

How can a person’s body be in the ground and his spirit be in heaven and yet some day in the future his body will be resurrected? I can not explain it. But it is what the Bible teaches.

When we die believing in Jesus our spirits go to heaven. II Corinthians 5:8

And some day the dead in Christ will rise again. I Thessalonians 4:14-18

2657. Vs. 28 Another man came as asked Jesus Which commandment is the

_________________________ one of all?

2658. Jesus answered:

The Lord our God is ___________________ ___________________.

Thou (You) shall love God with all your ______________________.

_________________________, and _____________________________.

And you shall love your ________________________________

As ________________________________.

2659. Vs 32 The man answered and said: There is ________________ God. There is no other but ____________.

And to love your neighbor as yourself, is more than all the whole _________________

________________________ and ______________________________.

In other words, believing there is only one God and loving him with all your heart, mind, and strength, and loving your neighbor is more important that giving of offerings and sacrifices.




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