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The Gog Magog (Russia) War What is it? When will it happen?

Gog and Magog (Russia) War

When will it happen? What is it?

By Joyce Webb 2015

There is a battle that will happen with Israel and the countries around them that will happen before the second coming of Jesus Christ.

This battle is prophesied (told before it happens) in the book of Ezekiel Chapters 38 and 39.

Bible teachers have talked about this war for a long time. But they are saying that this war may happen soon in Israel.

The Gog/Magog War is when all these Middle East countries come against Israel.

If you watch the news you see all the fighting that is happening over there. You see how they are arguing with Israel.

Thousands of years ago, in the Old Testament about 600 years before Jesus was born

Ezekiel (a preacher/prophet) saw a battle that would happen “in that day” meaning just before Jesus comes back to earth the second time.


What will happen in this War?

Ezekiel 38

Persia ( the old name for Iran) Libya and Ethiopia Gomer and Togarmah (old names for the area of Turkey) and many others will come against Israel.

It will be a very big army and many weapons.



Ezekiel 38:10 “They will think an evil thought. They will say “I will go up to the land of cities with no walls. I will go up to them that are at rest. I will go up to them that live in safety. I will go to the people who have come out of many nations to live there. I will take what they have.”

Sheba and Dedan these were sons of Cush, who was the son of Ham, who was the son of Noah. Genesis 10:7 These are also Middle East nations.

“The merchants of Tarshish and the young lions” mean those countries from the west. We do not know how far west. It could mean just west of Israel still in Middle East countries or it could mean as far west as England, or the “young lions” meaning the US.

Sheba, Dedan, Merchants and Lions do not seem to do anything to stop the other nations but they ask them why are they doing this.

Ezekiel 38:15

The counties of the north come down on Israel. What countries of the north? We do not know for sure. Could be Turkey, Syria, could be Russia.

Vs. 18 When all of these countries come against Israel to have a battle God said he will become very angry with them.

God will begin to fight for Israel. There will be the biggest earthquake ever!!!

Mountains will fall down. Walls will fall down. The fish will have problems. The birds in the air will have problems. Animals that crawl on the ground will have problems.

Something will happen so that the men fighting will turn on each other and they will kill each other. Vs.21

There will be hailstones, fire and brimstones (this usually means a volcano blows up)

There are old volcanoes in the area.

Ezekiel 39:2

God said he will leave one-sixth of the army. That means that five-sixths of the army will die. They will fall on the mountains of Israel.

God will send fire on Magog. Magog seems to be one of the countries from the North.

Vs.7 God said that he will not let those nations say bad things about His Name any more

Vs.9 Israel will go out into the mountains and will gather up the weapons and burn them. It will take 7 years to clean it up.

What kind of weapons burn? We do not know. As the time gets closer, we may learn of new weapons that burn. We have heard that Israel already has some weapons that are not metal but something else. So may be the Middle East countries will get some.

Vs. 11, 12 15

Israel will bury the bodies or bones. It will take them 7 months to do it. The land will stink (smell bad) because of all the bodies.

When someone finds some bones they put a stake/stick in the ground to mark the place so that those digging graves can bury it.

Vs. 17

God will call the birds of the air (vultures) to come eat the dead bodies.


Vs.22, 23

God said He will do these things so that Israel will know and so that the heathen (those who do not worship the true God) will know that God is the LORD.


It is after this battle happens that Bible teachers believe the Anti Christ will show up.

The nations of the world especially the Muslim nations will be so upset and worried.

They will want a peace agreement with Israel so this kind of battle does not happen again.

Bible teachers believe that a man a very smart, clever, smooth talking man will come to leadership and he will be able to talk Israel into making a peace agreement with the Middle East nations.

The Bible says that Israel will agree. The world will think this new leader is Mr. Wonderful. No one in history has been able to get the Middle East and Israel to agree to peace.

Part of the peace agreement will be for Israel to be able to build their Temple on the Temple Mount where the old temple had been.

The Muslims have not been willing for Israel to do that. But after this battle, they will be willing. And this new “wonderful” leader will get the agreement to do it.

Israel will build their temple. They will begin sacrifices in it.

For 3 and one-half years everything will go along peaceably.

Then this new leader Mr. Wonderful AntiChrist will break the agreement. He will stop the sacrifices. He will put an image/statue in the temple. He will make the people of Israel worship it.

God will begin to send all kinds of bad things on the earth. The worst things that have ever happened to the earth.


Why is all of this important?

God has promised that believers in Him. Those who have been true to follow Jesus will be taken up into the clouds to heaven to be with Jesus before the “wrath (anger) of God comes on the earth against the AntiChrist .

If Israel and Iran are talking nuclear war the time of the God/Mag War may be only a few years away.

The rapture (catching of believers up to the clouds) happens before the AntiChrist rules.

How do we know that this “old prophecy” is something that will happen?

Some say----it was for long ago and it is over.

But the things talked about happening with the earthquake bodies being buried for 7 months weapons being burned for 7 years has never happened yet in history.

Ezekiel uses the words “in that day” which is used when talking about the last days before Jesus comes again.

When God has told a prophet to say something that will happen in the future it has always happened. So we believe this will happen too.



The “7 years” of burning the weapons could be happening during the Tribulation Time which is to last for 7 years.

This is another “clue” that the Tribulation may happen very soon after this Gog/Magog War.

So the Gog/Magog War is something to watch for.

Be ready! You want to make sure you go up in the clouds with Jesus.







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