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Four "Blood" Moons in 2014-2015 Watch Israel!



Four "Blood" Moons in 2014-2015        by Joyce Webb

When the moon is in a lunar eclipse the shadow of the earth on the moon makes it dark. Often it is a dark red color. The Old Testament tells about the sun and moon being  "signs" for times and seasons,

There are to be 4  "blood" moons   or lunar eclipses   in this year and   next year.    Also,  a solar eclipse.

There are those who study the Bible    they  think these  4  "blood moons"  are signs   that important things will happen to Israel in the near future.    

If you have watched John Hagee, a TV preacher, on Sunday mornings,      you know he has talked about 4 blood moons, and a solar eclipse-------and the warning that it means.

John Hagee had talked with Mark Blitz about this several years ago.         Mark Blitz had studied about this and shared it with John Hagee. John Hagee went home and studied about it for himself.

NASA----our country’s space and rocket group, has charts that show when a solar eclipse will be and when moon eclipse will be.

Solar means sun.   An eclipse is when the sun is darkened by the shadow when the moon passes between the sun and earth. 

Lunar (moon) eclipse    is when the moon passes behind the earth into its shadow.

When the moon passes into the earth’s shadow, is turns colors.      It depends on the air or atmosphere -----but the moon can be very yellow/orange, rose, or dark red.

When the moon turns this color, it is called a “blood moon”.       Because the dark red color is like the color of blood.

Through history people who have studied the stars        and have believed that there are “signs” that the heavens tell.

They have always believed that when the stars are in a certain place or move to other certain places     that means that something will happen on earth.

God said that the sun, moon and stars would be for “signs” and “seasons”, days, months, and years.

We understand seasons, days and years.       But not many of us give much thought to the “signs”.     Genesis 1:14

The Jewish people thought the movement of the stars and planets       showed signs for what would happen in the future.

Other nations around them, believed the same.

Men who studied the stars for “signs” were called “wisemen” or Magi.

 Remember when the wisemen saw the star of Jesus? They followed it and came to Bethlehem.      In watching the stars, they felt that the way the stars were in the sky    and this one star     and where it was had a special meaning.      It meant a special king was born.

 The other nations made their calendar based on the movement and seasons of the sun.

Through the years, people have felt that solar eclipses warned that some bad thing would happen to the nations on earth.

The Jewish people of old made their calendar based on the moon

For the Jewish people, what happened to the moon was a “sign” for them.     For many of the other nations,    what happened to the sun was a “sign” for them.

Through the years, the Jewish leaders have studied the moon and when it had an eclipse.

To them, this meant that God would punish their enemies.     It also meant that something big, would happen to the Jewish people.

The other nations were worried when a solar (sun) eclipse happened.       “Blood moons” (moon eclipse) were a worry, too.

A few times in history there have been 4 moon eclipses in a row happening         on 4 of the Jewish high holy days.

And when that has happened------big things happened to the Jewish people.

Coming up      this month   of  April     will begin the first of 4 moon eclipses.      All of them will happen on 4 of the Jewish high holy days.

The dates are: April 15, 2014, Oct. 8, 2014. April 4, 2015, Sept. 28, 2015.    

There will be a solar eclipse     March 20, 2015.

John Hagee and Mark Blitz feel that something big will happen to the Jewish people in the next few months     or years.

We know from Bible prophecy that there will be nations who will come against Israel and try to destroy them as a nation.   Ezekiel Chp. 38

We know from the news that there are several nations who are saying they are planning to destroy Israel soon.

Iran has been talking about it for years.     Other countries are joining in the same thinking.

People who study the nations and news      warn that things are moving toward the nations getting into a big fight over there.

We need to watch the news carefully.   What happens to Israel   is important to us as Christians.   God's prophecy about the end of Time is about what will happen   to Israel    and to nations coming against them.     

Prophecy tells us a  "big fight"   will  happen.   And it happens   at the end of Time.   

Acts 2:20   "When you see these things happen    look up for your redemption draws near.

At the end of Time,   is when the "rapture" happens.   It is also the time   when most of the world joins together to have one leader   for one government. "  

Many Christians  believe  that the "rapture" will happen     before the world   has a one government and one leader.

People are wondering   about these "signs in the sky"  of the blood moons,  and  solar eclipse.   Are they a sign   for the Jewish people and what will happen to them soon?      Does that mean that the time of the "rapture" of Christians  is soon?

I would say     we better be ready to meet God.   If it is the time for the "rapture" to happen,  I want to be ready.   

I will be watching the news carefully    to see what will happen    with Israel   and the other countries near them.


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