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Bible Questions #107 - 126 Genesis Chp. 25- Chp. 28

Bible Questions: Can you answer these Questions?

Questions #107---126

By Joyce Webb 2010


107. What did God tell Rebekah about the babies inside her? Gen. 25: 23

108. Tell how the boys are different from each other. Gen. 25: 24,

Gen. 25:27-28

109. Who was Rebekah's favorite? Gen 25:28

110. Esau was out hunting. When he came home, he was very hungry. Jacob was cooking food. Esau wanted some food. Jacob, as a brother, could have given him something to eat. But he did not.

Jacob said he would "sell" or "trade" food if Esau would do what? Gen. 25:29

111. Esau may have thought that Jacob was just joking. So he said, _________ (yes, no)? But Jacob meant it.

The birthright in those days was the legal right to have a double part of the father's riches when the father died. All of the sons got some of the riches, but the oldest son got twice or double what the others got.

The oldest son also got the birthright blessing. He was made the leader of the family or tribe.

That Esau would "trade" or "sell" this for some food is foolish. Esau must have thought that Jacob was joking, or Esau did not respect the blessings of the oldest son.

Esau said that he was about to die from hunger so what good would the blessings do him. It is not likely that Esau would have died from hunger. He was back home. Surely someone would have given him something to eat.

It seems that Esau did not take serious his birthright blessing.

Many people do not think serious about the spiritual blessings that God has for those who will obey and follow Him. They choose things of this world that make them happy and feel good ----rather than God's promised blessing for the future.

Jacob was serious about these blessings. He wanted them. He was not being nice to get them from Esau in this way. But Esau should have said, "No!"

112. When Esau was ____________years old, he married a Hittite woman named __________________. Were his parents happy about this?

Gen. 26:34 (The Hittite people did not worship God in heaven. They worshipped idols.)

113. Isaac is now old. He knows he will not live much longer. He is ready to give the birthright blessing to Esau. Isaac does not know about the "deal" that Esau and Jacob made long time ago. It seems that Esau does not think about it.

Esau goes hunting to get a deer for the meal.

Rebekah hears what Isaac said to Esau and she tells Jacob.

Rebekah plans to trick Isaac into blessing Jacob.

114. How does Rebekah make Jacob to be more like Esau? Gen. 27: 15 -16

115. What does Rebekah use for the meat? Gen. 27:9

116. How did the blessing meal go with Jacob? Gen. 27: 18-29

117. Esau comes home and goes in for the blessing. How do things go for him? Gen. 27: 30 -40

118. Esau blames Jacob. What does Esau say? Gen. 27: 36

119. How does Esau feel about the birthright now? Gen. 27:34,

Gen. 27: 41 It seems that Esau is serious about God's blessing too late.

120. What does Rebekah tell Jacob? Gen. 27: 42-45

121. What does Rebekah tell Isaac? Gen. 27: 46

122. Esau's rebellious spirit shows again. What does he decide to do?

Gen. 28: 8-9 (This will be Esau's second wife. Abraham only had one married wife at a time. Isaac only had one married wife.) Now Esau is having two married wives at one time.

123. On his trip to his Uncle Laban's place, Jacob has a dream. What does he see? Gen. 28: 12

124. What does God promise Jacob? Gen. 28: 13-15

125. What does Jacob call this place? Gen. 28: 19

126. Jacob makes a promise to God. What is it? Gen. 28: 20-22

(One tenth given to God is called a tithe. Abraham gave a tithe to the King of Salem who was a priest named:_________________. Gen.14: 20




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