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Bible Questions #83-106 Genesis Chp. 22- Chp 24

Bible Questions: Can you answer these questions?

Questions # 83 - 106

By Joyce Webb 2010


83. Abraham is tested. (The King James Bible says "tempted"--in this verse it means "tested".) God wants to see if Abraham loves God most. He wants to know if Abraham loves God more than this promised loved son, Isaac.

What does God tell Abraham to do?____________________ Gen. 22: 1-13

84. Did Abraham obey what God asked? Gen. 22:5-10

85. The angel of the Lord stopped Abraham. He said that God knew now that Abraham loved God because____________________________?  Gen. 22: 12

86. How did God provide for the sacrifice? Gen. 22: 13

87.Jehovah ______________means "My provider." Gen. 22:14

88. Did Abraham believe that God would provide a sacrifice for the altar?

Gen. 22: 8     Hebrews 11: 17 - 18

89. The angel of the Lord talked the second time and told Abraham what?

Gen. 22: 15-18

90. How old was Sarah when she died? Gen. 23: 1 That means that Isaac was how old? (Sarah was 90 when Isaac was born.)

91. Abraham called his servant who was in charge of all Abraham's things---tents, workers, animals, money---what was this man's name? Gen. 15: 2

92. What did Abraham want this man to do? Gen. 24: 3-4

93. How many camels does the man take on the trip? Gen. 24: 10

94. Eliezer makes a prayer for God to show him the right woman. What does he pray? Gen 24: 14

95. What answer comes? Gen. 24: 16-20

96. Nahor was Abraham's brother. Gen. 22:20

One of Nahor's sons was Bethuel. Gen. 22:22

Bethuel's daughter was ________________________. Gen. 22: 23

So Rebekah was Abraham's grand____________________. Rebecca's brother was __________________. Gen. 24: 29

97. Eliezer is invited to their house. Rebekah is asked if she wants to go back and be Isaac's wife. What did she say? Gen. 24: 58

98. After Sarah's death, Abraham gets married again. Her name was_______________. Gen. 25: 1

99. She was not barren. She had several children. How many? _______Gen. 25: 2

100. The promised son was still who?___________ He is the one who inherited all of Abraham's riches. Abraham gave gifts to his other sons and when they were grown, he did what?_______________________________Gen. 25: 6

101. Abraham lived to be how old? ___________ Gen. 25: 7

102. Who buried him? _____________and________________. Gen. 25:9

103. Did God keep his promise to Ishmael about having 12 princes?

Gen. 17: 20 (the promise) Gen. 25: 13-16 (promise filled) (These are the Arab nations of today.) (And they are enemies of Israel---Isaac's people.)

104. God promised Abraham that he would be the father of many children. His wife, Sarah was barren and could not have children.

Now Isaac is married. What is his problem? Gen. 25:21

God gave a promise, but he required great faith and prayer from them before he filled the promise.

105. Isaac was how old when he married? Gen 25: 20

106. How many years passed before he had his sons? Gen. 25:26




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