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Bible Questions #71-82 Genesis Chp. 18- Chp. 21

Bible Questions: Can you answer these questions?

Questions #71--82

By Joyce Webb 2010


Genesis 18:2 Three men come see Abraham. They look like men. They talk and eat like men. Two are angels and the third is the Lord.  Genesis 18: 1

The "angel of the Lord" is used in the Old Testament to show that this is a special angel----not a regular angel.

Men who have studied the Bible and who have written books explaining things about the Bible, think that this angel of the Lord means Jesus.

Jesus, God's son, has been with God the Father forever. Jesus is part of the Godhead----just as the Holy Spirit is. Jesus came to earth in New Testament times in a human body. But Jesus has always been alive.

In Genesis 1:26 God says, "Let us make man in our image."

The word us and our mean more than one person.

Bible students think that Jesus came to people in the Old Testament as an angel. He came to Hagar. Genesis 16:7   He appeared (showed himself) to Abram. Genesis12:7 Genesis 17:1 Genesis 18:1

Two of these three men go on to Sodom. Gen. 18:22, Gen. 19:1

The third "man" stayed with Abram. Gen. 18:22. says "Abraham stood before the Lord."----not before an angel.

Abraham tries to get Sodom saved from being destroyed because Lot lives there. But there are not enough righteous people in Sodom. Gen.18:32     There are not 10 righteous people in Sodom.

The two angels go to Sodom to get Lot and his family out before God destroys the city. Genesis chp. 19

The men of Sodom want to have sex with the two angel men. In the King James Bible it says: "that we may know them". This is a sentence used when a man has sex with a woman and they have a baby. It means to have sex with them ----to know them intimately. Genesis 4:1, 2

Matthew 1: 25 In Genesis 19:5 this sentence is used to mean know sexually.

71. Lot offers _______________________________if the men will leave the angels alone. Gen. 19:8

In those days, a man was responsible to protect visitors in his home. Lot was not hard-hearted about his daughters, but this responsibility to protect his visitors was a serious thing.

The men were so determined to get the angels that they were trying to break the door to get in.

The angels reached out and pulled Lot into the house.

72. The angels then made the men become_______________ so they could not find the door. Genesis 19: 11

This blindness may have been more than making their eyes not see. It seems that the men were confused as well so that they could not feel and understand where the door was.

73. Lot went out into the town to see his daughters that were married. He wanted to get them to come out of the city. Did they come? What did their husbands think about what Lot told them?____________________________________________ Gen. 19: 15

74. When the morning came, the angels led Lot and his wife and the two daughters that were in the home-----out of the city. They said, "Do not _______________________________". Gen. 19: 17

75. Lot's wife did not obey. What happened?___________________________________________

Gen. 19: 26      Out of heaven was falling _________and_________________________________. Gen. 19: 24

76. Abraham moved south. The area is called Gerar and the king is

___________________________. Gen. 20: 2

77. He told this king that Sarah was his ______________. Gen. 20:2

Abraham did this because ____________________________________

________________________Gen. 20:11

Sarah was his half sister. They had the same father but not the same mother.

Abraham had said that Sarah was his sister one time before----years ago---when they went to Egypt. Gen. 12: 10-20

78. God stops the king from taking Sarah as a wife. What does God do?

___________________________Gen. 20:3

79. Sarah has the promised son, Isaac. Sarah has a party for Isaac. She sees Ishmael making fun of Isaac. It makes Sarah angry. What does Sarah do?_____________________________ Gen. 21: 9-21

80. How does Abraham feel about what Sarah wants to do?____________________________

Gen. 21:11

81. Genesis 21:15 Genesis 21:19 God makes a _________________of _______________________

and Ishmael is saved. (This was a miracle. If a well had been there before, Hagar would have seen it. She was looking for water to save her son. She would have looked everywhere carefully.)

82. Ishmael and Hagar go live in an area called ________________. Gen. 21;21



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