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Bible Questions #31-70 Genesis Chp. 9- Chp. 17

Bible Questions: Can you answer these questions?

Questions #31--70

By Joyce Webb 2010


31. How old was Noah when he died? Genesis 9:29

32. One of the grandsons of Ham was Nimrod. He built a kingdom city called _________________. Genesis 10:10

33. Genesis chapter 11 tells about the city that became known as Babel. What happened there and how did God stop them? Genesis chp. 11

34. Genesis 12:1-3 God calls Abram to leave his father and go to a place that God will show him. God makes a promise to Abram. What is it?  Genesis 12: 2, 3

35. How old is Abram at this time? Genesis 12: 4

36. Abram comes to the land of Canaan in a place called Sichem when God gave Abram a promise. What was it? Genesis 12: 7

37. How do we know Abram was rich? Genesis 13: 2

38. What was the problem between Lot and Abram? Genesis 13: 5-7

39. What did Abram tell Lot to do? Genesis 13: 8-9

40. Where did Lot choose to live? Near what city? Genesis 13: 12

41. What was the problem at Sodom? Genesis 13: 13

42. God makes the same promise as before---what is it? Genesis 13:14-17

43. Abram gave tithe (one tenth) of what he owned to the king of Salem named ___________________. Genesis 14: 18-20

44. Abram asked God about His promise to give him many children---so many that they cannot be numbered. (Gen. 13: 16) Abram said, "I have no child. God you have given me no child." (Gen. 15:3) Abram said that his servant would get all of Abram's riches. What is God's promise about the child? Gen. 15: 4

45. Genesis 15:6 is an important verse. Abram ________________God and God counted (gave Abram credit) for _________________________.

Righteousness is about doing what?______________________. Righteousness is not credited to us for what we do. It is not our good works that are counted for righteousness. (Ephesians 2: 8,9,

Romans 3; 22, 23)

46. God tells Abram that his family will grow into a big nation of people. These people will be a stranger in a strange land. They will have to serve the people there for how many years? _______ Gen.15:13

47. God promises to bring them out of that land and when they come out they will bring ___________________with them. Genesis 15:14

48. God promised Abram's people will have the land from the river of _______________to the river of ______________. And all the land owned by how many groups of people?___________

Genesis 15: 18-21

(Today we hear on the news about the arguments over who owns the land in parts of Israel. God promised it to Abram thousands of years ago.)

49. Abram's wife's name was _____________. Gen. 16: 1

50. Could his wife have children?_____ Gen. 11:30

51. His wife's maid's name was _____________. She was from what country?_________________. Genesis 16:1

52. What did Sarai tell Abram to do? Gen. 16: 2

53. Sarai is trying to help God fill his promise. Is this a good idea?________ Why? What happens when we try to "make things happen" in our strength?___________________________________________

54. After Abram is with Hagar and Hagar is pregnant. How does Hagar feel about Sarai? _____________________________________Genesis 16:6

55. Does Sarai take responsibility for the way things are? _________Who does she blame? _____________________Gen. 16: 4, 5

56. Abram tells Sarai that Hagar is her maid. She can decide what to do about the problem. What does Sarai decide to do?__________________________________________________Gen. 16:6

Was "helping God" a good idea?_________

57. The angel of the Lord comes to Hagar and tells her to do what?    Gen. 16: 9

58. The angel of the Lord promises Hagar what? Gen. 16: 10-12

59. What kind of man will her son be? Gen. 16: 12

A _____________man and his hand will be ___________________

every man and every man will be _______________________him.

60. This son was named _________________________ Gen. 16: 15

He would be the father of a great nation of people. (Gen. 17: 20)

(Today those people are the Arabs. There are several nations of them. They are against Israel. And like God said to Hagar, they are against many other nations, and many nations are against them.)

61. How old was Abram when Ishmael was born?______ Gen. 16: 16

62. How old is Abram now?______ Gen. 17: 2

63. God promises again to "multiply"  Abram's "seed" (children). Abram has no child from Sarai. How old was Abram when God first promised him a son? ______ Gen. 12: 4 How long has Abram been waiting? ________-

64. God tells Abram to change his name to ___________________.

Gen. 17:5 Abram means "honored father". Abraham means "father of many".

(Read God promise to Abraham Gen. 17: 6-8

65. God tells Abraham to do what? Gen. 17:10

66. On what day should the baby be circumcised? Gen. 12:12

67. God told Abraham to change Sarai name to _______________.

Gen. 17:16 Sarai means "mockery". Sarah means "princess".

68. By the time the child is born in about one year----how old will Abraham be?________ How old will Sarah be?_______ Gen. 17: 17

(People in that time lived for hundreds of years. They had babies for a long time. But this was old even for that time, especially for a first baby.)

69. God told what the baby's name should be._________________ The name means "laughter".

Gen. 17:19

70. How old is Ishmael now? ______ Gen. 17: 25










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