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Bible Questions #1-30 Genesis Chp. 1- Chp. 9

Bible Questions:  Can You Answer These Questions?

Questions #1--30

By Joyce Webb 2010

1. Who was the first person on earth? Genesis 2:19 Genesis 2:27

2. Who was the second person on earth? Genesis 2:22 Genesis 4:1

3. Who was the first baby born? Genesis 4:1

4. Who was the second baby born? Genesis 4:2

5. What did Cain do for a living? Genesis 4:2

6. What did Abel do for a living? Genesis 4:2

7.What terrible thing did Cain do to Abel? Genesis 4:8

8. Why did Cain do it? Genesis 4:5

9. Who was the first man to have two wives? Genesis 4:19

10. Who was Adam’s third child? Genesis 4:25

11. How old was Adam when he had his third child? Genesis 5:3

12. How long did Adam live? Genesis 5:15

13. Did Adam have other children? Genesis 5:4

14. What man never died but just went up to heaven? Genesis 5:24

15. What man lived longer than any other man ever? How long did he live? Genesis 5:27

16. This old man had a grandson named __ __ __ __. Genesis 5:20

17. How many sons did Noah have? What were their names?

Genesis 5:32

18. God was angry with the people on earth. Why? Genesis 6: 11-13

19. What did God tell Noah to do? Genesis 6:14

20. What did God plan to do? Genesis 6:17

21. What was Noah to do? Genesis 6: 18-21

22. How long was rain on the earth? Genesis 7:12

23. How long did water stay on the earth? Genesis 7:24 Genesis 8: 1-3

24. Where did the ark stop? Genesis 8:4 (Today this place is in Turkey.)

25. What did God tell Noah and his sons to do? Genesis 9:1

26. At this time the animals became afraid of men. What does God say?

Genesis 9:2

27. What was one of the reasons the animals would be afraid of man?

Genesis 9:3

28.There was one rule about eating the animals---what was it? Genesis 9:4

29. God made a rule about murder and killing another person. What does God say should happen to someone who kills another? Genesis 9:6

30. God promised that he would never again destroy the earth by water. He gave Noah a sign. What was it? Genesis 9:11, 13-16









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