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Bible Questions #3204-3212 Luke 18 vs 28-43

                                      Bible Questions #3204-3212

Luke 18   Vs. 28-43

3204. Peter said, “We have left _______________. (Meaning the 12 disciples left their jobs, and follow Jesus and listened to his teachings. The only money they had was the offerings that people gave them. People invited them for meals and allowed them to sleep at their homes. They probably slept outside a lot as it was a warm country.)

3205. Jesus told them that they would be rewarded now on earth and in the ___________________ to come.

3206. Then Jesus told them that he needed to go to Jerusalem. Jesus told them that at a time in the future he would be turned over to the ________________________. (meaning the Romans)

3207. Jesus told them that several things would happen to him:

Such as --______________________________________________________________.



3208. Did the disciples understand what would be happening to Jesus? _____________

3209. Vs 35-43 As they were coming into the town of ____________________,

There was a ______________________ man there. He called out to Jesus, saying

Thou son of ____________________ have _________________ on me.

3210. What did Jesus ask the man? __________________________________________


3211. What did the man answer? ___________________________________________


3212. Jesus said to him “Your _____________________ has saved you.” And the man

received his ______________________. The man followed Jesus. And all the people

___________________________ God.

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