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Hebrews Chp. 4


                                                                        Joyce Webb 2018

Chapter 4

Vs. 1 God has promised us that someday we will enter into his eternal rest. But some people should be fearful that they will not be able to enter in.

Vs. 2 The Good News of the gospel was preached to all of us. Some believed others did not believe. The gospel did not help them at all because they did not believe.

Vs. 3 In the Old Testament when the people of Israel would not believe God and trust him to help them win over the giants in the land God had promised them------God said in his anger, “They will never enter into my place of rest.”

( They did not. God let them wander around in the wilderness for 40 years, until all the older people who did not believe died.)

Vs. 4 God made a time for “rest” from the beginning of the earth.

God made the heavens, the oceans, the land, the animals, etc. then on the 7th day, God rested. From then on, the 7th day of the week was to be a day of rest from work.

Vs. 5, 6 God has always planned a time of rest for his people. While they were here on earth, the 7th day was a time of rest.

The land of Canaan was to be their land a place of rest and good food, etc., but first they had to believe and trust God to help them win the land.

They did not believe. So they were not allowed to go into the land.

Vs. 7, There is another time and place of “rest” that God has planned. King David talked about it Psalms 95:7 “Today you must listen to his voice. Do not make your heart hard against him.”

Vs. 8 David was not talking about the land of Canaan that Joshua led the people of Israel. This is long after that. God is speaking through David of another place of rest.

Vs. 9 This is another time and place of rest for the people of God. Just as God “rested” on the 7th day from his work of creating the earth, so God has prepared a time and place of rest for his people. (This place is heaven.)

This place of rest will be for those who believe and trust in Jesus.

For those who do not believe and trust in Jesus there will be no place of rest. They will not enter in.

Vs. 11 Let us do what we need to do, so that we are able to enter into this place of rest. Let us not follow those who do not believe.

Vs. 12, 13 The Word of God is full of living power. It is like a two-edged sword. It cuts deep into our hearts and minds and spirit.

It opens up the deepest thoughts of our heart. We can not hide any thought from God.

Vs.14-16 We have a high priest in heaven who will speak to the Father for us. It is Jesus, who has gone back up into heaven.

He understands our weakness. He understands our temptations because he was tempted in the same way. But he did not sin.

We can come to the throne of God feeling sure that God will show us grace because of our belief in Jesus. We will be given mercy.

We will find grace to help us in our time of need.


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