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Bible Questions #3192-3203 Luke 18 Vs.1-27

Bible Questions #3192-3203

Luke 18 Vs. 1-27

3192. Vs. 1-8 What is the lesson from this story of the woman and the judge? ________________________________________________________________


3193. Two men went into the temple to pray. One was a Jewish leader called a _____________________. The other was a tax collector called a __________________________.

3194. How did the Jewish leader pray? _____________________________________



3195. How did the tax collector pray? _______________________________________



3196. Which prayer did God accept and honor? ______________________________


3197. Jesus said, The person who lifts himself up (exalts) shall be ____________________________. The person who humbles

himself will be ________________________.

3198. Vs. 15-17 The disciples thought that Jesus was too busy to be bother give time to children. What did Jesus say, Let the children come to me for of such is the ________________ of ______________________.

3199. A Jewish ruler came to Jesus and asked him how to have

______________________ _____________.

3200. Jesus told him that he should obey the 10 commandments. The man said that he has always done that. Then Jesus told him that he should do what? ______________________________________________________________________


3201. The man did not like this answer, because he was


3202. Jesus said, It is harder for a ____________________ to go through the __________________ of a _________________, than for a ____________________ man to enter the kingdom of heaven.

3203. The disciples asked, Who then can be ________________?

(In the Old Testament, and even in the New Testament, the Jewish people always believed that if a person obeyed God, he would have God’s blessings. So if a person was very rich, people thought the person must be pleasing God for God to bless him so much.

Now, Jesus is saying that it is hard for a rich person to get into heaven. The reason is----now with Jesus dying on the cross---

Salvation is by faith in Jesus---not by the good works and the things a person does.

Also, a rich person has everything they need and want. It is hard for them to humble themselves and say they are a sinner and need Jesus to forgive them and save them.

Giving up their riches and giving most of it to the poor is also hard to do.

God still blesses those who obey him and trust in Him. But our salvation is not based on what we do to earn it, it is given to us as a gift, just because we believe in Jesus and ask for forgiveness.)

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