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Hebrews Chp. 2


                                                                               Joyce Webb 2018

Chapter 2

Vs. 1 We need to give careful attention to the things that we have heard, so that we do not forget them.

Vs. 2 If every word spoken by angels is true, and every transgression (breaking of the law) and every time we disobey is punished ------then how shall we escape God’s punishment if we ignore God’s salvation?

Vs. 3 This salvation was first spoken about by the Lord. This salvation message has been given to us by the men who heard the Lord speak.

Vs. 4. God the Father is a witness these things we have heard are true because he had done signs and wonders (miracles, healings) and gave the gifts of the Holy Spirit by those men who told us about this salvation.

Vs. 5 In the world that is to come angels will not be in charge of it.

The scriptures tell us (Job 7:17) “What is man that you should think of him? And the son of man that you should care for him? Or the son of man that you should visit him?

You have made him a little lower than the angels. You have crowned him with glory and honor. And you set him over the works of your hands.

You have put all things under his authority.

But not yet do we see all things put under his authority yet.

Vs. 9 We see Jesus who was made a little lower than the angels for a time, but now he is crowned with glory and honor because he suffered death for us.

Jesus, who made all things and for whom all things were made will bring many “sons” (those who believe) into glory with him.

Through Jesus’ suffering, he became the leader. He became worthy to bring many into salvation.

Vs. 11 Both, Jesus who sanctifies (makes us clean and holy) and we who have been made clean and holy------are one together. We have the same father.

For this reason, Jesus is not ashamed to call us “brothers”.

Vs. 12 Jesus said to God the Father, “I will speak of your name to my brothers (and sisters). I will praise you among all your people. “ Psalms 22:22

Vs. 13 He also said, “I will put my trust in Him. Look, here I am and the children God has given me.” Psalms 18:2

Vs. 14 God’s children of men are flesh and blood, so also, Jesus became flesh and blood. So that, through death, Jesus could destroy the one who had the power of death -----the devil.

Vs. 15 Jesus could deliver men who all their life were in fear of death.

Vs. 16 Jesus did not come as an angel. But he came as a human in flesh and blood.

Vs. 17 In all ways he was like his human flesh “brothers”. He did this so he could be a high priest to them. He could offer a sacrifice (himself) as an offering for sin for the people.

Vs. 18 He was tempted. He suffered. So he is able to understand us and to help us.


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