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Hebrews Chp. 1


                                                        Joyce Webb 2018

Chapter 1

Vs. 1 Long ago, God spoke to people. He used many ways to speak to them. He used special people called “prophets” . God spoke to the prophet and told the prophet to say those words to the people.

Sometimes God used other ways to speak to people.

Vs. 2 But now, in these days God has spoken to us using his Son, Jesus.

God has chosen his Son, Jesus to receive and inherit all things.

By Jesus all the worlds were made.

Jesus is the brightness of God’s glory. He is the exact image of God.

Jesus holds up everything by the power of his word.

When Jesus himself made us clean from our sins (by dying on the cross and raising from the dead) then Jesus sat down on the right hand of God the Father, His Majesty, in heaven.

This shows that Jesus is so much higher and better than the angels.

God gave him a name and an inheritance and position so much higher and better than the angels.

Did God say to any angel “You are my Son, this day I have begotten you. Sit on my right hand?”

Has God said to any angel I will be to you a Father, and you will be to me a Son?”


(The word “begotten” is used when a father by his sperm creates a baby in a woman. The baby is part of the father. It is also part of the mother. But the baby has in its body parts of each of his parents. He is not a separate creation different from them, but he is like them both in all parts of his body and brain.

God the father, by himself, no woman is part of it,     begat, Jesus as part of himself.

Jesus is an exact copy of God the father.

The Bible speaks of Jesus as “his only begotten Son”. Jesus, is the only begotten being of God the Father. There is no other like him.

It has pleased God to honor the Son and to have the Son be worshipped as God, to have the Son hold all power in the same way as the Father does.

The Bible says that Jesus, the Son, has been part of God even before our world was made. John 17:24

And yet, we read in the Bible, how Jesus always obeyed what the Father wanted him to do. He never failed to do exactly as the Father wanted him to do.

Jesus always spoke of doing God’s will.

Jesus also said that some things were the Father’s decision.

Jesus said that only the Father knew when it would be time for Jesus to return to earth.)


Vs. 6 Has God said to any angel ( when God brought his begotten Son into the world ), “Let all the angels of God worship him?”

Vs. 7 Of the angels, God said, “Who makes the angels spirits, and his ministers a flame of fire??

Vs.8 But of the Son God said, “Thy throne, O God, is forever and forever. It is a scepter of righteousness. (A scepter was a fancy gold rod or staff held by a king to show his power and authority.)

Vs.9 God said about the Son, “You have loved righteousness and have hated evil and sin. Because of this, God, even your God, has anointed (chosen and poured oil over) you , the oil of gladness. You have been chosen and honored above all others.”

Vs.10 You, Lord, in the beginning, has made the foundation of the earth, and the heavens. They are the works of your hands.

Vs. 11 They (the earth and heavens) will pass away, but you, Lord, will stay and remain forever.

The heavens and earth will become old like clothing.

Vs. 12 Like old clothes, you, Lord, will roll and fold them. They will be changed. But you, Lord, will stay and remain the same. Your years will never end.

Vs.13 Did God ever say to any angel “Sit on my right hand until I make your enemies to come under your feet like a footstool.?”

Vs. 14 Are not all they (the angels) ministering spirits? They are sent to minister to those who believe sent to those who will receive salvation.




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