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Bible Questions #3176-3191 Luke 17: Vs 3-37

                                      Bible Questions #3176-3191

Luke 17    Vs. 3-37

3176. Jesus said, If someone does trespass or sin against you-----you should do what? _______________________________________

3177. If that person repents (is sorry and plans to changes his way) then you should do what? __________________________________

3178. Vs.4 How many times should we forgive someone? _________________________________________________

See Matthew 18:21,22 How many times does Jesus say we should forgive? _____________________________________________

How many times is seventy times seven? ____________________

How many times do you think God forgives us? ___________________________________________________

3179. Vs. 5 What did the disciples want Jesus to do for them? _______________________________________________

3180. Jesus told them that if they have faith the size of a _______________________________ it would be enough faith

to move a ______________ and have it grow somewhere else.

Vs. 7-10 Jesus explains about a servant.     A servant does his work   and he does not expect the master to thank him    or praise him for doing his job.      Jesus said that those who serve God      do what God commands     and they should not think      they should have glory    or praise for doing     what is commanded of them.  

3181. Vs.11-19 This story is about ______ lepers. (leprosy was a skin disease that ended up in death).

3182. How many of the lepers did Jesus heal? __________

3183. How many of the lepers came back to say “Thank you”?   ____________.

3184. Where was this leper from? __________________   (This was a city    where in their past history      they were part pagan (idol worshippers) and part Jewish.      The true Jews did not like these people.      So for Jesus to point out     that a person from this city    had better manners   than the Jewish ones    was a kind of insult.)

3185. Jesus said the Kingdom of God is ___________ you.     It is not something you can see.

3186. Jesus said   In the days in the future,   people will say   the Son of Man has returned.    He is here,   or he is there.   Jesus said   Do not believe it.        When Jesus returns       it will be like ______________________ in the sky.     Everyone will be able to see it.

3187. Jesus said before that happens the Son of Man must _________________ and be ________________ by this generation of people.

3188. When Jesus does come back it will be like in the days of ______________________ People were ______________ and _______________________ and __________________________.

They did the same in the days of _______________.        As the people were busy doing everyday things t    he time for destruction and judgment came.

3189. This is the way it will be when _______________ comes.

3190. Vs. 34-36 There will be _________ people together doing everyday things, __________ will be taken and one will be______________________.

3191. The disciples wanted to know when these things would happen. Jesus told them about birds who eat flesh. Where you see them flying around then you know what has happen? ________________________________________________

So, when it comes time for Jesus to come back, we will see things happening in the world and we will know it is about time.

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